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FEEL THE POWER OF THE PUNCH! Seriously potent cannabis gummies!

Kushy Punch is the iconic and award-winning brand behind the top-selling cannabis gummy in California. Kushy Punch’s locally sourced full spectrum oil, the company’s science-forward approach and lush full body high has made the brand a favorite for legal consumers in California and Michigan. Best known for its line of full spectrum edibles and vape products, Kushy Punch has built its reputation on delivering a consistent, full body experience for patients and recreational consumers across the nation. Visit kushypunchofficial.com to learn more.

Kushy Punch is a brand of THC gummies that are currently available in Michigan, Arizona, California and Nevada. The gummies are made from full spectrum cannabinoid. Unique from many other types of gummies, these are made with no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Kushy Punch offers individual gummies which are fast-acting, starting to take effect within 15 minutes. These are cube shaped gummies so they are easy to slice into 1/2 or 1/4 doses if you want to consume less than the 10mg of thc that each gummy contains.

Kushy Punch also offers Kushy Punch original gummies. These also come in a set of 10 but rather than being ten loose gummies, they all come in one bar but are shaped so that you can see where 10 gummies can be cut out. Sort of like how a Hershey bar is one chocolate bar but has clear bricks within it. This is one gummy but has 10 gummy bricks within it.

Kushy Punch Gummies Product Information

The Best Dosage staff remembers back when “pot brownies” were still scandalous contraband. Nowadays, an entire galaxy of THC and CBD edibles has erupted — and we’ve sampled more than our fair share of the delectable, shining stars that can be found within. The cannabis edibles industry now spans the country, and so have we — our team has even traveled to Europe to sample the best weed treats the Old World has to offer. Our collective experience covers practically every cannabis-industry role imaginable, so we know the market from the inside out. When you need to know whether that brownie is the bomb or if it might do a bombing run on your digestive tract instead, turn to Best Dosage.

Kushy Punch Gummies Review – Target Audience + FAQs

Available in CBD and THC, Kushy Punch THC can be found in California and the CBD line is available for fast-shipping nationwide. With weak flavoring and standard pricing, we found these gummies best suited for the novice cannabis consumer that wants light effects from a single dose.

1. What are the flavors of Classic Kushy Punch Gummies?

Kushy Punch offers a Classic line of gummies formulated with full-spectrum cannabis oil and offered in 10mg dosages:

Watermelon – Indica, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Strawberry – Sativa, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Blue Raspberry – Hybrid, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Private Reserve Lemonade – Hybrid, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Premium Distillate Formulation

Recover 2:1 Blueberry – Indica, 60mg THC, 30mg CBD Total, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Jab-Jab Hook Peach Passion Fruit – Hybrid, 100mg THC or 200mg THC, 10mg per gummy or 20mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Uppercut Strawberry Basil – Hybrid, 100mg THC or 200mg THC, 10mg per gummy or 20mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Haymaker Meyer Lemon – Hybrid, 100mg THC or 200mg THC, 10mg per gummy or 20mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

TKO Lime – Hybrid, 100mg THC or 200mg THC, 10mg per gummy or 20mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Sugar-Free Watermelon – Indica, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation

Sugar-Free Lychee – Sativa, 100mg THC, 10mg per gummy, Full-Spectrum Formulation


2. Kushy Individual vs Kushy Original? What’s the difference:

The new Kushy Individual offers fast-acting individual gummies. The activation time is around 25 minutes. Whereas the Kushy Original’s activation time is around 45 minutes. The Kushy Individual offers a shorter activation time, but also a shorter duration. The BestDosage team found the Kushy Originals to last for around 1 hour longer than the Kush Individuals. Both gummies are formulated with full-spectrum cannabis oil.


3. Are Kushy Punch Gummies Vegan?

No, but all Kushy Punch gummies are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Fat-Free, and Dairy Free.

Kushy Punch

Best Dosage

We found that two Indica Kushy Punch THC gummies for sleep were the best dosage for experienced cannabis consumers, and one Indica Kushy punch gummy 30 minutes before sleep was ideal for novice cannabis consumers. The effects of the gummy were reported to be felt more when falling asleep than during sleep. Chewing the gummy till a fine grind was the best method reported for a faster activation time. Our consumers reported that laying down in their bed not on the couch after taking the gummies created the best environment for falling asleep faster. The Sativa Kushy Punch gummy effects are very light and were preferred during daytime use with friends to enhance a social gathering. Like the Indica, two Sativa gummies for experienced cannabis consumers, and 1 gummy for novice cannabis consumers was the ideal best dosage for the testing team.


Indica gummies were calming
Sativa gummies were uplifting
Hybrid gummies, like the Indica, were calming
100mg THC, <2mg CBD
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Head high: 2/5
Body high: 2/5
 Amuse, Eaze, and Emjay deliver these gummies in California. Available in a large number of dispensaries, the gummies are rather easy to find.

Activation & Duration

The activation time is around 40 minutes for experienced cannabis consumers and around 30 minutes for novice cannabis consumers. Effects were felt for around 1 hour. The Best Dosage team is composed of six testers, three experienced consumers, and three novice cannabis consumers. The activation time was a bit disappointing, the marketing behind this product is pushing the fast-activation time label, when in fact these gummies hit you at around the same time as any gummy on the market. The effects are nice, but the formulation has left a lot to be desired with these “instant-effect” THC gummies.

Activation time: Chew the gummies thoroughly to a grind for faster activation time
Experienced Cannabis Consumers – 40 minutes
Novice Cannabis Consumers – 30 minutes
Effects were more substantial when falling asleep than during sleep. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Kushy Punch gummies all had around the same activation and duration.


Overall the testing team noted that the Kushy gummies do not stick to your teeth, and are easily consumed. If you are going to consume the Indica Kushy Punch gummies, we recommend chewing these gummies before you brush your teeth at night. When chewed to a grind you will have a slight sugar aftertaste in your mouth. The mylar packaging allows you to transport these gummies without having to worry about the bag opening or the gummies melting the bag. From a convenience standpoint, these gummies are ok. We would have loved it if their activation time was closer to the marketed 15 minutes, but the other high-quality features that have made Kushy Punch a strong Cannabis brand help support the core features of this gummy.

Flavor & Aroma

The Kushy Punch Gummies are offered in a variety of flavors, mainly targeting the sweet and sour category. Overall these gummies tasted more like a cheap artificial candy flavoring than an artisan, hand-crafted flavor like so many other Cannabis gummy brands are targeting. The flavor score here is low, come on Kushy Punch you can do better. The aroma was like walking into a candy store and all of the flavors hit you at once. Strong sugary aromatic scent.

Flavor profile: Sweet, Sour, Store Bought Artificial Candy Flavoring
Flavor 2 out of 5 stars
Here are all of the Kushy Punch Individual gummy flavors:


Indica Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Peach Mango

Indica Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation

Indica Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Kiwi Breeze

Sativa Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation

Sativa Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation

Sativa Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Blue Raspberry

Hybrid Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation

Hybrid Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Sour Apple

Hybrid Strain
100mg THC, 10mg Per Gummy
Full-Spectrum Formulation
Recover 2:1 Orange Citrus

Indica Strain
90mg Cannabinoids, 60mg THC, 30mg CBD Total
Full-Spectrum Formulation

Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch uses standard mylar packaging for its products. Offering a high-quality overall firm plastic, safe-sealed ziplock back. The bags are colorful and easy to spot. Look for the cotton candy color logo Kushy Punch printed on the front. With bright white font and a colorful bag, the information on the bag is very easy to read. On the back of the bag, you will find all of the nutritional facts, warnings, and how-tos. Overall we are big fans of the packaging, the standard mylar bags fit in just about any pocket and keep the products fresh for a long time. Here’s some of the Kushy Punch gummies information from the back of the label:

Ingredients – Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Water, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Pectin, Vegetable Glycerin, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Potassium Sorbet, Sunflower Lechtin, Gum Arabic, Citric Acid, Cannabis Extract, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors

Instructions For Use – Open Bag, Eat Desired Amount of Servings, Store Gummies In Bag For Maximum Freshness, and Keep It Kushy!

Nutritional Facts Per Gummy:

28 Calories
2mg Sodium
0.5g Protein
7g Carbohydrates
3.5g Sugar
10mg THC

Vaporization 101: The Basics

It’s a revolution. Vaporization has become the go-to method of ingesting cannabis, nicotine, and even vitamin supplements. As people become wise to the health risks associated with combustion of these products, they are switching over in droves. Here’s why:

Vaping cuts down the harmful lung effects from Smoking

Smoke is already by nature, a lung-irritant. Vaporization actually in a sense “steams” your bud or your oil until it turns to a vapor. Studies have shown patients breathing much easier after using a vaporizer rather than smoking a joint. Vapor contains virtually none of the harsh toxins found in smoke. As a result of vaporizing, only a faint herb odor will be emitted with your exhalations. Ultimately, granting the user a much more discreet way to medicate.

Vaping allows you to take in more of what the flower or oil has to offer.

As a result of the lack of combustion involved in the process, you’ll be able to capture roughly 80-95% of your THC content. Whilst in smoking, you’ll be burning and denaturing parts of the plant while you’re ingesting. The by product of vaped weed is known around the industry as AVB or “Already Vaped Bud”. The AVB will have a toasted or browner color appearance and still has THC content left in it, as opposed to ash being the by-product of smoking. If you’re vaping oils or other concentrates, the resin that is left behind, still has THC content in it.

Vaping is a WAY more efficient way to consume cannabis.

Through a vaporizer, you’ll be able to use about 10-30% less herb than by smoking through pipes, bongs, and joints. Because you are using less of the plant, you can control your dosage a bit more. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, to vaping over smoking is that after you are done vaping, you can use the remains in edibles. The remains will activate once again after baking them. This means you have effectively used the same herb twice. You simply cannot beat that bang for your buck.

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